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Undertaking Tasks (80 min)

Begin by learning about the inner workings of an organisation, with an emphasis on performance expectations from different roles. Develop an understanding of task analysis and task management using case studies from Deloitte, P&G, PwC, and Shell Corp, and inculcate the skillset of an efficient employee.

Communication (70 Min)

Understand the importance of communication and how it impacts work, and working relationships. Learn about the nuances of non-verbal communication and body language, and its impact on others' impression of you. Become a better communicator by leveraging engagement, and storytelling techniques.

Cohesiveness (70 Min)

Learn about the theory of teamwork using Tuckman and Belbin models, and various other studies that explain group dynamics. Understand the theoretical structure of relationships, and conflicts to realise the common mistakes caused by you, or others when interacting with people.

Engagement (70 Min)

Grasp the importance of being an engaged employee in the workplace to ensure longevity and growth in an organisation. Learn about using the 7C's of engagement and the SWOT analysis to improve your confidence, and contribution in job roles, and actively participate in organisational activities.

Focus (60 Min)

Improve your focus by learning techniques of using metacognition and emotional management. Learn how to avoid procrastinating by leveraging the Zeigarnik effect, and start using simple tricks to improve your concentration by making small changes in your daily life.

Inclination to Learn (70 Min)

Empower yourself by investing time in the science and the art of learning. Leverage the theory of learning, to absorb faster and retain better by identifying your learning style. Use the hacks shared in the module to start learning actively, and create new opportunities for yourself.

Mental Acuity (35 Min)

Sharpen your aptitude for logical reasoning and learn situational judgement techniques that employers often test during the selection process. Understand how your brain works and makes decisions based on theories of neuroplasticity, and train it to improve your memory and information processing.

Motivation (35 Min)

Learn about the different types of motivations in the workplace, including intrinsic, and extrinsic motivation. Identify what motivates you, and how to utilise that knowledge to improve your performance using insights from the likes of Fredrick Herzberg, Victor Vroom, and Warren Buffet.

Stress Management (55 min)

Realise the inevitability as well as the importance of stress in the workplace and learn ways to manage it. Identify different stressors that affect you, and learn how you can adopt the techniques used by companies such as Microsoft and Google to manage stress better.

Structured Approach (70 min)

Develop a systematic way of working by understanding the concepts of self-discipline, self-control and self-analysis. Bust the myths around discipline to simplify the process of adopting the necessary skillset to cultivate discipline in your personal and professional setting.

Work Ethic (100 min)

Understand the importance of work ethic, and its sub-skills including dependability, integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Learn the norms of acceptable behaviour in the workplace as well as the art of negotiating and navigating through an organisation as a new entrant.

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