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Frequently Asked Questions

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Following are some of the questions frequently asked by users. Take some time out to go through the same to understand how to use the website best. If your doubts still persist, feel free to write to us using the contact form above.

What are employability tests?

Employability tests are designed to measure your compatibility with job roles across industry sectors. GRADE assessments are built on 11 factors that are global benchmarks for employer expectations, and are crucial for getting placed in the job market. GRADE offers two sets of employability tests, CAREER PREP and CAREER PRO.

What is Career PREP?

CAREER PREP is a preparatory employability test for students and young professionals who wish to get ahead of the curve by starting preparations for career early on. CAREER PREP comprises 75 questions, and provides insights on skill areas that need improvement to increase employability. It is suitable for students from final year of high school to pre-final semester of University.

What is Career PRO?

CAREER PRO is a 120-question employability test suitable for students and young professionals looking for a job or in the process of applying to companies. CAREER PRO supports your profile with an employability analysis that can help you showcase your strengths to the recruiter, as well as outlines the threat areas which may hinder your selection.

How can I purchase a test?

To purchase a test, add the desired test to your cart and proceed to checkout to make the payment. You must be logged in with your registered email address to checkout. If you do not have an account, you will need to sign up before you can purchase a test. After successful payment, your purchases appear in your Dashboard.

After purchasing, can I take the test on a later date?

Your purchased tests appear in your dashboard which can be accessed once you have logged in, from the icon on the top-right corner of the website page. From the dashboard, you can choose when to start the test at a time convenient to you. However, please note that any test is only valid till 2 months from the date of purchase.

Can I pause the test in the middle and resume it later?

No. As per assessment norms and standards, you are required to take the tests in one sitting, without interruptions. This is required to derive an accurate measurement of your employability.

How long does each test take?

There is no time limit to the tests, however the overall time taken has an impact on your employability scores. The test must be taken in a single sitting. The test interface has a timer to assist you.

What do the test contain? How should I prepare?

GRADE Assessments are designed to assess your inherent skills, and compatibility with the role offered by the recruiter. There are a variety of questions, however, none of them require preparation beforehand.

Can I use the internet to find answers during the test?

Yes. You are allowed to use resources outside of the test, however be mindful of the time spent doing the same as it will reflect on the score.

Where can I see my tests and results?

Your purchased tests, and results appear in your Dashboard. You can access the dashboard after logging in, from the icon on the top-right of the website page.

Can I download and share my test scores with others?

Yes. You can download a PDF version of your results from the ‘My Results’ page in the Dashboard. The results of all your tests appear in the My Results page, and you can download them whenever needed.

Can I take multiple tests?

Yes. You can take the CAREER PREP and the CAREER PRO any number of times. Taking the test multiple times should be spread over a period to be able to measure your growth in the terms of the effort you have put in to work on your employability skill-set.

How do I apply for scholarship?

GRADE provides scholarship support to ensure that your potential to contribute to society is not hampered by a lack of access to resources. Students and young professionals with high employability scores can apply to our scholarship programs sponsored by leading organisations in various industry sectors. You can apply for scholarships after taking the test, and completing your profile in the dashboard.