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Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding:

  1. The assessment must be taken on a laptop/desktop with a stable internet connection.
  2. The assessment comprises {{ exam.exam_type_id == 1 ? 75 : exam.exam_type_id == 2 ? 120 : 30 }} questions. All questions are compulsory. The questions cannot be skipped.
  3. The assessment is sequential. You may only proceed to the next question once you have answered the current question.
  4. Questions once answered cannot be revisited, therefore please choose your answers carefully.
  5. There is no negative marking.
  6. There is no time-limit to the assessment. However, the time taken to finish the assessment is recorded and bears weight on the scoring.
  7. The assessment must be taken in a single sitting.
  8. The Submit button will appear after all questions have been answered. Please wait for a confirmation message to appear on screen before closing the portal.
  9. Do not press the back button on the browser or close the browser while taking the test.
Your actions are being monitored in real time. Moving outside the test window to open tabs or run internet searches for the duration of the test is prohibited. Warnings will be prompted if we detect frequent movement outside the test window and will lead to a negative impact on your scoring.
I have read all the instructions carefully and agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above.
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